For Existing Formulations:


• MOQ even at two digit numbers.
• Explores best available packaging options.
• Artworks and Designs by professional personal designer.
• Speed delivery.
• Brand Registration & Licensing
• Fair Trade to support own brands by new companies & Professionals.

Step 1: Packaging First:

‘PRO’ces for existing formulations starts initially by selecting among suitable packaging options provided.

Step 2: Artworks & Designs:

After selection of packaging, Artworks and Designs such as Logo, Labels & Cartons are developed in parallel by a professional and exclusive designer.

Step 3: Licensing & Registrations:

Initiates the regulatory process simultaneous with step 2. All the required documentation support is provided and extends unconditional help on it.

Step 4: Production & Procurement:

Production of cosmetic formulation is initiated. In parallel, production of packaging material (in case of new packaging options) or Procurement of packaging material (in case of existing packaging options) are initiated.

Step 5: Dispatch:

Finally, in an own brand, the product is dispatched in individually packed cartons with high safety to preserve from damages.

Select Existing Formulations: